Aegislane is located in the Heleus Star Cluster, a few several light years inside Andromeda Solar System. One moon called Athena orbit the planet and Aegislane itself orbits a red sun in a wide, elliptic orbit.

The plant-like organisms on this planet are mostly trees and bushes, with only a handful of flowers, but no fungi species. The trees and bushes come in all sorts of forms, both tiny and huge.

Surprisingly, the underwater world of this planet has an abundance of primitive hard corals, but soft corals are extremely rare and only found in very specific regions. The hard corals are mostly nothing more than a shell with a flower-like organism growing out of it, which filters nutrients out of the ocean. However, these hard corals already make for a gorgeous underwater world, despite them being all similar to each other.

Corals, although very basic, can be found all over the planet's oceans, seas and lakes. While they lack the bright colors and odd shapes you'd find on Earth's corals, they do have the makings of a varied aquatic wildlife, with an abundance of gorgeous species.

Finding higher forms of intelligence on other planets is something we as humans have dreamt of for ages, both for better and worse. The higher species on this planet are no different, in fact, these species are far more dedicated to it than humans are currently. Of course, the fact that these species have superior technology and a more peaceful society greatly benefits in their goals. Numerous space missions, both manned and unmanned, hundreds of space observation centers and hundreds of thousands of scientists and other professionals are the main force behind the goal to find other life in their galaxy and the universe. They have traveled to all the nearby planets containing any form of life and made sure it was protected, aided and sometimes even altered for their benefit. They have even terraformed planets without life. While most of this was done to study species, their evolution and the possibilities of their own technology, this has also lead to biological breakthroughs ranging from cures for diseases to altering and enhancing their own DNA.

Aegislane is also familiar to wars. One entire Age was named after it, due to conflicts of interests of races, sub races, countries or even ideologies.