Sacramento is known for its industrial inovations.


Sacramento was the first continent to be discovered after the Expeditions in the First Age, and quickly established itself as a powerful industrial workforce since earlier days. Several years, most of the bulk of the industry changed to be self-suficient and eco-friendly, making the region even more attractive for new companies.

The south of the country is a total contrast as it has the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The temperature hovers about 5C in the coldest areas and up to 20C in warmer areas, with an abundance of dry weather. The south has a variance between 23C to 40C.


Sacramento for the longest time didn't care much about the planet's ecosystem, its factories poisoning the air for a long time. However after Queen Aegislane II took over the Empire, Sacramento forcibly changed its stance about the ecosystem, turning all regions to be eco-friendly, and after several years, the planet was finally free from all poisonous elements in the atmosphere.

The food is grown in farms, with authorization.

In comparison to Earth’s cultures, Sacramento would mix some Eastern Europe countries, like Ukraine and Romenia, and China in terms of industrial production.


Sacramento follows the structure determined by the Queen. So much, that the families that the Queen chose continue to rule Sacramento, however these families are incredibly religious and thus, abide by the queen's rules.


The Aegislane Military Response Unit (AMRU) is present in all countries and Sacramento isn't an exception to this rule. As usual, each country possesses their own regular police force. OlySanc has a lot more private security, due to the companies that exist in the country.

List of Countries


Trife is the capital of the Country and decidely the center of the operations of many companies.


OlySanc stands for 'Olympus Sanctuary', an old sanctuary that (still) exists inside the country. However it's also basically a giant industrial area, creating up to literally anything.


Oceanborough is a paradise location with the most beautiful beaches in the world. Most of the country is surrounded by them.


Inune is the second biggest industrial area, focusing on eco-friendly solutions to the world.