Aegislane’s history is determined in ages.

First Age

The First Age (1 FA – 1387 FA) was when the natives in the region known now as North Moran were spreading to the south. After what can be considered a fast development cycle of advancement, the first natives left Moran to discover and name Sacramento, marking the end of the First Age. This age had a duration of 1387 Aegislane years.

Second Age

The Second Age (1387 FA or 1 SA – 598SA) started as soon Sacramento was conquered and the natives began to expand their influence across the other races, eventually conquering them. This age lasted only 598 years.

War Age

The War Age or Third Age (598 SA or 1 TA – 876 TA) was the age that came right after it, marked by the wars between countries, continents and races. Notable wars were the “World War 1” in 237 TA - 248 TA, the “Moran Conflict” in 356 TA – 400 TA and “World War Second” in 845 TA – 876 TA. Hollowguard, the country-prison was established during this age (733 TA).

Immediate Change Age

The Immediate Change Age or Fourth Age (876 TA or 1 ICA – 445 ICA) started at the end of the war. Due to the war efforts, several scientific advancements occurred during the previous age, several immediate changes happened. Technology advanced to the point that new sub races were created, which sparkled a lot of racism between the races themselves. It was also an age with minor localized conflicts in several countries, and saw the invasion of Rimtown by homeless people, in 435 ICA, turning the country to a giant slum, for the most part.

Golden Revolutionary Age

The Golden Revolutionary Age or Fifth Age (445 ICA or 1 GRA – Current) is the present Age, and it’s marked by a shift to a more contemporary age, with both high-end buildings and old medieval existing not a few miles away from each other. The current year is 100 GRA.


Starting from the oldest recorded writing.