Blendor is one of the coldest continents in Aegislane.


Located in the Northern area of the planet, Blendor houses on itself several different things in Aegislane. It is a mostly cold continent, due to being in the north. However, advanced Aegislane technology enabled the place to be hospitable and still preserve the environment.

The temperature hovers about -5C in the coldest areas and up to 10C in warmer areas.


Blendor has a different culture from the rest of the world, due to the cold. Most folks eat the fish that are in the region, and overall, it has a classic Nordic feeling, with the belief of magic and dragons between the elderly.

In comparison to Earth’s cultures, Blendor would be a mix of Northern Canada, Alaska, and Nordic Countries, like Finland and Sweden.


In the case of Blendor, the Queen determined the division of countries only some years ago. With that, many citizens were (and still are) confused to what country they belong to. In reality, the Queen tried to stop the slums in Rimtown from affecting the other regions of Blendor, so the division was necessary to make borders for check-in and checkout.


Military forces in Blendor are far from few. The Special Blendor Forces (SBF) and the Aegislane Military Response Unit (AMRU) are always in the area, due to Rimtown. Other regions get only the local police to remedy their situations.

List of Countries in Blendor


The biggest slum of the planet, Rimtown has been object of several raids of the police enforcement to disperse the ones living there… only to reform a few weeks later. The new governor Mienshao continued to do the raids, trying to make it more hospitable. Due to the infamy of being the biggest slum in the planet, it was nicknamed ‘Grimtown’.


Freyhill is the coldest country in the continent, without almost no life on it.


The smallest country in the world, Grayminster is a technical marvel of evolution, as being the country that developed the first Females Type 2 and Males Type 1.


A region with biggest concentration of pilled snow, as Bolderlar means "pilled snow" in the old natives' tongue.


The oldest country in the continent, with some remarkable cities in there.