Welcome to Aegislane, a place of wonders

Technology has advanced enough. The inhabitants developed speech, writing, banded together to create villages, cities, conquer the world. But not all is well in the world. Several illegal experiments are conducted underground, corruption rose from within the government, and the races are about to go to a civil war against each other.

Dev speech: I had an idea that didn't really fit with other RPs I made which was... a mix of fantasy, medieval and modern (actually modern) ideas, inside one planet.

You can expect that the plot will deal with the government, conspiracies, illegal experiments and amoral people, plus civil wars and several other things.

How to Start

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  • Freyhill, Blendor
  • Rimtown Outskirts, Blendor
  • Rimeforest, Heaven's Shield
  • OlySanc, Sacramento
  • Littlehelm, North Moran
  • Dragoncrest, South Moran
  • Hollowguard, Stillshire